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outdoor drawing

Welcome to Studio Girdwood 

Living with creative thought is an important gift and I treasure it.

Art is my passion, and painting on feathers is my expertise, but it doesn't stop there. I also dabble in abstract painting, sculpture and more. I am always creating. 

The pursuit of art is allowing my hands to be the extension of my dreams. 
The reward is when someone else sees it!

Sharon Girdwood

My Native name is Mazin-Miigwan it's Ojibwe, meaning Pictured Feather. I am a Métis artist who specializes in depicting wildlife and nature. My realistic painting and drawing techniques in all my works are unique and finely detailed.

My work is available through several retail outlets and is always on display at my studio in Dryden, Ontario. My work has gained international recognition through organizations such as Duck's Unlimited. "The Osprey" and "Mallard Duck" were both award winners at the Wildlife Art and Decoy Show in Burlington, Vermont. "Common Loon" placed 5th in the 2000 Ducks Unlimited Ontario Sponsorship Program. "Find Eight Wolves" and "Memory Bay" placed 1st and 3rd at an art competition in Deep River, Ontario. I also received the Best Artist award at the Burlington Ontario water front festival.

In the height of my career participated in many art shows and festivals throughout Canada. I am now loving retirement but still teach and create many new pieces. My work can still be purchased here on my website and in some gift shops in Ontario. I also have a Etsy shop named Studio Girdwood.  
I reside in Dryden, Ontario with my husband, Wayne, who helps with each and every one of my creations. He provides support and helps with all the different jobs that come with being married to an artist. Thank you Wayne! I couldn't have done it without you! My studio serves as a place to create and teach as well as a showcase for my work.

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